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Feature request...

Jul 5, 2012 at 4:11 AM

Was wondering if there was any plans to add any social gaming components to the framework such as the OpenXLive SDK as I think something like that will be a great addition to the framework as it can help shorten development time. I also saw some other ones such as Skiller Social Gaming and Scoreloop Social Gaming Solution. If there is no plans how difficult you think it will be to integrate one of these into the framework?

Jul 9, 2012 at 10:07 AM

There are no plans on adding such components for now.

As for the difficulty to integrate one of these into the framework depends really on:

  • Your general programming and OO skills,
  • Framework to implement dependencies,
  • The features of the framework you want to implement,
  • Your overall understanding on one of the current IGF manager implementations

If you can get in the code of a manager and do understand how it is linked to SunBurn and a potential third party assembly, then you should be good to go ;)

The sole real issue I can see you getting into is if the frameworks you mention are meant to replace or extend a ISessionManager interface (such as LocalSessionManager, LiveSessionManager or LidgrenSessionManager).
The reason is quite simple: this is the most complex part of the entire framework. The concepts behind the abstract session system as well as the Logic namespace are really high level to ease IGF's users but hides the complexity internally. There are a lot of interactions between a lot of classes and interfaces making it quite difficult to get into.

Otherwise, it shouldn't be that hard ;)