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2D sprite system for collisions/etc

Aug 12, 2012 at 5:56 PM

"Sprite System: The Indiefreaks Game Framework extends SunBurn 2d features with a Sprite system enabling developers to benefit from the SunBurn rendering as well as 2d world transform and collision."

How would this work with 2d sprite systems that they used, for example, there 2D top down example they provide? I understand how of XNA handles sprites have a basic idea so far on how to add them using the Sunburn Game Engine, but how does IGF extend on this?

Do you also need to declare the sprites differently using the IGF or is it just a extension to how SGE uses the sprites in terms of collision and such? Is there any examples or can someone provide a very simple example of this (Or where I should look in terms of functions).


Aug 15, 2012 at 1:10 AM


I'm currently on vacation until the end of August with almost no Internet nor phone reception. I don't have the time to go onto details right now but if not answered before then, I'll make sure to get back to you with some explanations on how to use it.

'Til then, have a look at my blog posts on and search for 2D sprites in the tags: you may find some reading about it.