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Released: Mar 22, 2012
Updated: Mar 22, 2012 by indiefreaks
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Application IGF v0.9.2.0 Runtime Binaries only
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Release Notes

Feature: Added SunBurn engine v2.0.18.7 support (doesn't support versions below).
Feature: Added GammaCorrection Post processor to allow developers or even players to tweak the Gamma of the game depending on their screen (courtesy of bamyazi)
Feature: Added Windows, Xbox 360 & WP7 enabled StorageManager (based on Nick Gravelyn's EasyStorage) to read/write files for player or game data.
Feature: Added VirtualGamePad feature for WP7 allowing developers to define Touch areas on screen and mapped gamepad controls.
Feature: Added IndieCityManager for Windows allowing developers to easily plug IndieCity SDK within their game such as DRM, Achievements and Leaderboards (more information about IndieCity
Feature: Added support for IGF's Project Mercury Effect Editor content files. Developers can now create their particle systems in the tool and load them through their Content Projects.
Feature: Added BEPUPhysicsRenderer manager to IGF Physics assembly allowing developers to see physics debugging information in their game (contacts, islands, physics' bounding boxes, etc...)
Bug: Fixed a bug in Goal driven AI where the implemented code wouldn't get processed in rare occasions.
Bug: Fixed a few trigonometry issues in AutonomousAgent and Steering Behaviors.
Bug: Fixed a bug on FadeIn/FadeOut transition effects where they could be called at the same time.
Bug: Fixed a bug in Lidgren Session Client code where SceneEntities and Commands wouldn't properly register themselves with the server.
Bug: Fixed a bug in Lidgren Session to allow the creation of 1 player LAN games (previously, it required at least 2 players which wasn't possible since the session needs to be created to create a lobby).
Bug: Commands and Behaviors now properly unregister when their Agent's ParentObject is removed from SunBurn ObjectManager (accross network too).
Bug: Fixed a bug where some GUI controls wouldn't get properly refreshed once loaded.
Bug: Fixed a bug where GUI controls would throw an exception on WP7 if not using a power of 2 size.
Misc: Added ClearDevice management on the Application class so developers can control when calls to GraphicsDevice.Clear() are performed.
Misc: Added Application.Run<T>() enabling automatic Exception report on Xbox 360 (useful for Exception tracking on Xbox 360 builds of your games).
Misc: Developers can now tell their GameStates if they should use a local ContentManager to load content or use the global Application one.
Misc: Slight performance increase on games using multiple Layers.
Misc: InputManager can now return useful Keyboard and Mouse helper methods through its KeyboardInputState and MouseInputState properties.
Misc: Layer.IsVisible property is now set as Virtual allowing developers to override it and react to property changes on their inherited Layer classes (i.e.: GUI transitions)
Misc: All session implementations now have an additional Starting state set when the StartSession() is called to allow games to setup and synchronize players, scenes, entities and commands before the actual session really starts.
Misc: Added an Enabled property on Agent, PlayerAgent and NonPlayerAgent classes to allow easy activation/deactivation of their Behaviors and Commands (useful for game pauses or the like).
Misc: Performance improvement on Behavior and Command processing.
Misc: Particle assembly is now splitted in two: Indiefreaks.Game.Mercury.dll for Project Mercury implementation and Indiefreaks.Game.Particles.dll for actual SunBurn engine integration (no breaking changes to the API, just internal design).
Misc: Small performance improvement on ParticleSystem update and rendering.
Misc: GUI Image controls now set their rendering size based on the texture size (Scale is applied to Texture width and height)
Misc: GUI Label control has now a readable Font property allowing developers to access Font properties.
Misc: Added WP7 touch support to GUI.

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